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## Inspiration

Petty intrigues fall to the wayside as power-hungry polar birds face off. In accordance with the concept of "Melt", the guiding theme of this game-jam, a game was devised where the core mechanic revolved around melting the game environment and adapting to it.

## What it does

In the great depths lures an ominous orca. 2-4 penguins sporting flamethrowers square off trying to force their opponents into it's jaws in a multiplayer setting. The flamethrower works in part as a method of transport, capable of propelling the drifting ice rafts on which the penguins are standing. However, the flamethrowers are also capable of melting away at the opponents rafts, with each disappearing block bringing them nearer to the white speckled murdering machine underwater.

By gentleman's agreement, the penguins can not burn each other with their weapons. A penguin that drops into the water can avoid the orca by quickly getting back on an ice raft. The last penguin standing wears the crown.

## How we built it

The game was built using the Unity engine along with modelling and graphics software such as Modo and Gimp.  

## Challenges we ran into

In the very beginning of the project we debated whether we should be using AR concepts in our game, but after some preliminary tests with accompanying issues, it was decided that it was more important for us to focus on traditional game design concepts.

The brainstorming aspect of the project was quite challenging, we went throw a few different ideas and struggled to find a core mechanic that both used the game jam theme yet could be fun in the long run.

A few issues with lighting and sounds were encountered in Unity, but we feel very happy about the final result.

## Accomplishments that we are proud of

Devising the main concept took quite some time and required some serious brainstorming. But our insistence on sticking to it, despite it taking some time to agree on a good idea, probably is one of the main reasons we feel proud of the end result.

Managing to implement some of the game more central aspect, such as the ice raft movements at a very early stage also worked as a good motivator to keep us going.

## What we learned

Spending a considerable amount of time on planning and taking everyone's concerns into account when deciding on a plan is very important for the process of making a game.

## What's next for The King of The Penguins



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